PeaceMaker Video Game Trailer

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Coming in Feb 1st 2007.

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  1. mechdinosaur

    As long as there are decedents of ishmel living on this earth, there will never be peace between israel and the rest of the middle east. Read the books of Genisis and Exodus and you'll see what I mean.

  2. Unurautare original

    why not make a game with more than 1 regional conflict?(or is it already made?) like Rep.Moldova and Transnistria,or Kosovo and Serbia,or India and Pakistan etc

  3. blalst

    when I watched it I cried , not for palestinians because I'm palestinians , not for massacres because were not the only people massacred , not for stolen land because I know we'll return , but I cry because before 1993 we had the strongest arab army and now our forces were beaten by 15000 millitiant of hamas O_O

  4. phaub

    @mannerface212: You can buy it directly from the website in the section "The Game". Look in the summary of this video for the address. It is only $20.

  5. Asi Burak

    @slabtzu- PM was launched in 2007, before some of the recent events have occurred. However to clarify: * The two state solution was chosen because it is supported by the majority of Israelis and Palestinians – including the UN and the Arab initiative * Democracy: While Hamas won the majority, it joined a unity government with Fatah. Then, it took over Gaza by force and NOT by any democratic mean. * Hamas does not recognize the right of Israel to exist. That view blocks any real compromise.

  6. SlabTzu

    Your options are limited to a two state solution, with no other solution possible. You can't play as the democratically elected government of Palestine! You can only play as the illegal government pushed by Bush, Israel and Obama. If you play as Israel you also can't negotiate with the democratically elected government of Palestine. A realistic solution where Democracy is respected in Palestine is not possible in this game – only the vision of Israel, Condaleeza Rice and Obama is available.

  7. Joe Stafura

    There is no bias in this game that isn't within the player as they start, if they are smart and open they will see it and feel differently about the "other side".


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