Pay The Ghost TRAILER (HD) Nicolas Cage, Horror Movie 2015

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“Pay The Ghost” TRAILER (HD) Nicolas Cage, Horror Movie 2015

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19 Responses

  1. Donkey Face

    Oh, no. Not another "They stole my son" movie. Nobody want's your fuckin kids, man.
    I can't even feed my dog.
    What the fuck do I need with another "mouth" pissing and shitting all over the damn place and making noise when I'm trying to sleep.
    Hollywood, why don't you make a movie about goldfish.
    "They stole my goldfish" and "They stole my goldfish…again" or
    "Dude where's my goldfish" or
    "One fish Two fish Red fish Goldfish"

  2. Sunsetter678

    I love Cage, but this looks like an OLD recycled story, yet again but w/even more cgi bullshit…This deserves a "skip it" ticket, courtesy of Dish Nation…..Ok well, it's their motto, I'm just stating it!

  3. fantasmadellaopera

    If my son got lost in a crowd like this, I would have gone nuts! All parents know what I'm talking about. Those of you who haven't become parents (yet), you will. Trust me. You will.


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