Papers, Please – Trailer

Papers, Please
A Dystopian Document Thriller
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  1. andr00123

    ID, Please.

    A dystopian club thriller about a bouncer trying to keep out kids under 18, letting in chicks, keeping order at the checkpoint, and taking bribes to get in.

    Coming summer 2016.

  2. Tyler Wilson

    This is one of the best games I have ever played. The amount of depth the game had while retaining a sense of simplicity that makes it easy to dive right in and play. It was a great time to stream this when it was released. Thank you.

  3. Conrad Polkowski

    The only way I am interested in this game because a couple years ago I went to Berlin and I was so interested in the Berlin Wall but this game actually more interests me more than the Wall. I even have predictions what Arstotzka looks like in 2015.

    Idea for the sequel:

    In Papers Please 2, it's 1st December 1997 and the fight between Kolechia and Arstotzka has gone mild but still enemies. You are the Inspector's Son who is working at the new and improved Grestin Checkpoint. The game goes up to 2nd February 1998 that's when the wall falls down and the 2 countries free'd the border. Grestin is made into a territory which is shared between Kolechia and Arstotzka. In maybe one of the endings it might happen that you visit the border 17 years later with your family as an attraction and you live in United Fed.

  4. Theron Voidblade

    Just imagine how many times Dukope would have had to play this to get the last part of the trailer all aligned correctly in time with the other frames? unless he used an infinite-changing passports somewhere in the console, along with infinite-changing people to fit the passports, would made it so easier to do.

  5. Michael Mandril (Mandraquex3000)

    Does it mean I'm a horrible person if I like playing this game???  Cause I do… I fraking love playing this game!  Didn't think I would actually like a game where I am a border guard but it was actually fun…. in a twisted sort of way.


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