NO ESCAPE – Official Movie Trailer #1 (2015) – Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson Movie [HD]

Trailer For: No Escape Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Pierce Brosnan, Owen Wilson Movie HD (International) (Official) (UK)

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20 Responses

  1. Vashdastampead

    My computer isn't buffering the video correctly and the videos are always start in the middle some where. What kind of movie of this, is this some new type of zombie movie?

  2. Brian Hastings

    Hmmmmmm ……
    Predictive Programming. Hollywood is good at making movies before actual events occur. Think Enemy of the State and countless other movies. This could happen anywhere in the globe, Just Saying.

  3. Chan Phanna

    This is the piece of shit movie that look down on my Khmer language upside down. My government will sue about shit mother fucker.

  4. Vong Tepreasmey

    there a different between Thai letter and Khmer, i had to tell u it a TOTAL Khmer letter, you can't just write it upside down or from left to right, there ways of writing it. I mean how could you show this to international when u can't even write the word correctly it doesn't mean anything, if u shot the movie and Thailand then write Thai words correctly but if u shot the movie in Thailand and you wrote Khmer incorrectly in the way of making fun or disrespectful then shame on u !!!!!!

  5. KeepanOpenMind

    Lol white people the poor victims in a foreign country where the villains are the coloured folks in their own country. Hollywood just keeps getting better and better.


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