New Top Gear Series Trailer! – Top Gear

Ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the first teaser trailer from the new series of Top Gear.

In it, you will find a roster of some of the world’s finest driving machinery, from the McLaren 675 LT and Ferrari’s F12 Tdf, right through to things like the Ariel Nomad. There’s also, um, a pair of Reliant 3 wheelers driving from London to Blackpool. One of them under its own steam, too…

But there is also much drifting, lots of tyre smoke, and Chris Evans having a little moment following a track session with Sabine Schmitz in California. All we can say is strawberries.

We’ll bring you more before the new series kicks off in May, but for now, sit back, turn it up and watch the new trailer. Note: includes an 820bhp Aston Vulcan at Yas Marina. At night. Doing donuts.

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30 Responses

  1. Trek2356

    Common people give the reboot a chance. I sure some of your other favorite shows had reboots and they were not bad and maybe some were.


    This would be awesome if it was something new and cool. But this isn't top gear…

  3. jerkygirlx

    what made the other guys good was that they sort of had there own groups. Jeremy was POWER, May was class and Richard was….style I guess. this worked.although adding an American to a British show would be interesting point of view.

  4. TeoKeh

    Was watching Top Gear due to the awesome British humour. Don't see that happening again.

  5. Matt 18

    It has just been announced the Stig has fled the BBC and is looking for the trio

  6. Cary Jarrett

    Hate Chris evens, love Matt Leblanc and the rest I don't give a shit about. The stig should stay for good. Can't wait to see how many complaints they are going to be after the 1st episode ??