Mushroom Wars PlayStation Network video game trailer – Mushroom Wars is an all-ages, fast-paced, real time strategy (RTS) game that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront. With a quaint visual style featuring opposing tribes of mushroom armies, your battles take place in close-quarters maps using simple, straight-forward controls. Play short campaigns with Domination objectives where your goal is to take control of key strategic points, or play Conquest battles where the only way to win is to completely annihilate your opponent. Upgrade your bases to support larger armies, improve weaponry or act as defensive installations. Local multiplayer allows

players to determine the toughest little army in the meadow. Move your armies into position and hopefully win the day.

Mushroom Wars for PlayStation Network features:

Test your strategic tactics. There are 18 levels you can play in Skirmish mode. As you progress through the levels, the number of AI opponents increases. Do you think you can overcome three AI mushroom armies? Dont worry, there are three difficulty settings.

Need a change of scenery? With 25 levels in Campaign mode, you can battle in the meadow, forest and foothills of mushroom land.

Divide and conquer. Local multiplayer allows two players to battle on the couch.

Additional features. Includes custom music support and players can upload their gameplay to YouTube.

Creat Studios is excited to introduce Mushroom Wars as our seventh title on PlayStation Network in 2009, said Anton Petrov, President of Creat Studios. Gamers of all ages will quickly become addicted to Mushroom Wars, with its strategic and engaging gameplay.

Mushroom Wars will include PlayStation 3 Trophy support and has been rated E for Everyone by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for this platform.

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  1. GameAtHeart

    Maybe wait till the "4-in-1 Action Pack", where you can get this game + 3 other games which are great too. Mushroom Wars does well too.

  2. John Davis

    I could play this game for hours. It's a great break from your FPS/RPG gaming that can sometimes become too much. In terms of RTS it is pretty simple relative to others but still provides a good challenge. I was having a good time just lazing around playing this game, though. Plus, the overall theme is pretty unique.

  3. Delta9son

    wow what a stupid gay game, psn rips people off, they should just give this shit out for free, not charge you 10 bucks for bullshit.


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