MLB 15 The Show: Summer Wind | PS4, PS3, PS Vita

An essential part of every baseball fan’s season, MLB 15 The Show continues to prove Baseball Is Better with licensed equipment, year-to-year saves, and a refreshed Franchise mode.

Let The Show be your escape from a cold winter and remind you that baseball season is almost here.

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15 Responses

  1. George Reinhardt

    Can someone tell me why on my game…I'm in a season mode, I don't hear ANY announcing. It's completely silent? Any help please as to how I can have the announcers on announcing the game for the PS4 please? Thank you

  2. GeeseHoward1984

    when using the directional hitting interface am I suppose to just tap the analog stick in a direction or am I suppose to hold the direction with analog stick??  can someone help me with this??

  3. Addison Tharp

    Love this game! I actually like this version of 'summer wind' a lot. Its a cool blues version (though I love the original a lot too). Performed/did this version?

  4. Franklin Clinton

    Suck it XBOX one players you have to be stuck with terrible RBI Baseball 15 you poor poor Babies can't get a good Baseball game you XBOX ONE owners are losers 


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