Max Official Trailer #1 (2015) – War Dog Drama HD

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Max Official UK Trailer (2015) – War Dog Drama HD

A dog that helped US Marines in Afghanistan returns to the U.S. and is adopted by his handler’s family after suffering a traumatic experience.

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19 Responses

  1. thebarrochannel

    "Aun siendo algo azucarada, la película es un animado regreso a los valores del Hollywood de los 50"
    Michael O'Sullivan: The Washington Post

    "Un revoltijo de cursi relato iniciático, bazofia inspiradora sobre un niño y su cachorro, fábula militar moderna y thriller de acción sorprendentemente violento"
    Geoff Berkshire: Variety

    "'Max' es una fábula amable, aunque algo chapada a la antigua, que resulta demasiado torpe para trascender su género, pero suficientemente efectiva dentro de su limitado rango emocional"
    John Hazelton: Screendaily

    "Cualquiera que espere un drama complejo y emocionante, está ladrando al árbol equivocado"
    Sheri Linden: The Hollywood Reporter

    "La película se hunde porque sus personajes nunca llegan a trascender sus aparentes orígenes como proyecto del canal Disney Channel"
    Inkoo Kang: The Wrap

    …Now translate that

  2. Teta Jana

    I wanna watch that movie, anyone tell me is the dog gonna die, I can't handle it if the dog will be dead at the end…

  3. Brian Wolfe

    when watched this afterward I was here then there  then nearly tackled my mom saying COME LOOK AT DIS MUST See DIS mom thinking wtf are u doing :3 people think im crazy :3

  4. Babis Chtristos

    Here in Swden we do not put dogs i chains as they show/do here in the US movies.The dog is an an animal that cannot speak but can understand what we poeple say. According to the dressure a dog can understand all languages in this World. Just test and say: Ma nee! in Thai and your dog will understand it. Mah Nee, means Com here! Say to yor dog: Raus! and he/her will understand German. Say it in Chinese and it will be understood… Be carefull with your dog, he is the best friend you human got and of course the Horse which is the most important animal in our Life. The Dog is gelous on the horse, that's why he is Barking at it all the time…


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