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Matt Murdock lebt zusammen mit seinem Vater Jack, einem heruntergekommenen Boxer, im New Yorker Viertel Hell’s Kitchen. Eines Tages verliert Matt bei einem Unfall mit Giftmüll sein Augenlicht, stellt jedoch bald fest, dass seine anderen Sinne geschärft wurden. Mit Hilfe seines Gehörs, einem besseren Tast- und Geruchssinn, kann er – ähnlich einem Echolot – seine Umwelt trotz seiner Blindheit weiterhin wahrnehmen. Nachdem Jack Murdock auf offener Straße ermordet wird, schwört Matt, seinen Vater zu rächen.

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  1. 11jamz

    there is one fight scene in a hallway where the camera stays COMPLETELY STEADY THE ENTIRE TIME. it is literally the best five minutes of my life.

  2. Ariel Santana

    There's actually an Easter egg of the the avengers in the first show. It happens in the scene where Matt and Foggy are looking at the place where they're gonna start their work. When they're talking to the lady she says that the building was "barely touched by the incident" this is obviously the events from the Avengers. And for the people who don't agree with me then listen to this. The lady also backs it up by describing the event as " death and destruction coming from the sky" so there you go.

    (Sorry I typed a lot, I just needed to spit that out. And besides most people already know this, but there are some idiots out there….?

  3. jake frost

    This show took superhero TV shows to the next level. Movie quality in all honesty. Best superhero TV show ever made, easily stealing the crown from Arrow. The other Marvel Netflix shows have big shoes to fill.


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