Madam Secretary Official Trailer [HD]
Madam Secretary 1×01 First Look “Pilot”
Madam Secretarye Season 1 Episode 1 First Look
Madam Secretary 1×01 First Look “Pilot” (HD)

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  1. time4grace

    It looks like the Country in the East with projecting Madam President and everyone are focusing. She looks like a Princess: the real candidate for Pres. They have an overall mock vote and hardly every citizen knew all senators plus there was no campaign and the question was only: if today is the Election; whom will you elect and you can elect anyone; no pressure involve? That mock Vote from whole country came out to a common very high lead of one person only: She will be a Madam President. When the real Election is about to happen; then, I know the International Camera will be there. No need to introduce.

  2. SK4869

    Madam Secretary officially starts tomorrow Wednesday 27/05/2015 in Australia. i knew it was going to be good. Australia will love it.!!

  3. Poita

    This shows name has popped up a few times so I thought I'd check out the trailer. 
    Is America fucking obsessed with government? Jeez there must be a million shows and movies a year about people in power positions in the White House. I love Veep and I tolerated the left wing syrup fest that was the West Wing but based on this trailer this dour piece of crap looks nothing but a series of scenes of people being exhausted and smug to each other. The friggin trailer almost played like an SNL parody sketch of a White House show.

  4. Don't Miss UK

    US: A look at the personal and professional life of a Secretary of State as she tries to balance her work and family life. Madam Secretary – S1 tonight 9pm on Sky Living.

  5. In His Image

    It is ridiculous in 2014 to have a show about the president and his cabinet that has what appears be to be an entirely white cast. How much changing does American society have to do before hollywood will finally reflect that back to us? Irresponsible. 

  6. Octavia M

    That main female actress has a monotone voice or something, she is not showing emtion in her voice.. its just one tone, I know nothing of acting but voice is a  major part.. mastering that up and down depending on the statement, pauses such.. she is just straight.. plain boring.. I wouldnt watch just for that fact. I get her character is kinda cynical but still

  7. Jim

    Trailer just gave away the whole plot. Kids get reunited? Why are trailers starting to do this?


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