Mad Max – Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4

Enter The Wasteland, and get your first extended look at the car customization, metal grinding vehicular combat, brutal melee combat, and much more that awaits you in Mad Max, available September 1, 2015 on PS4.

All footage in the trailer is in-engine, comprised of actual gameplay and in-game cinematics.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information

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  1. yaplitojericho

    I've finished the game and despite what most reviewers say about the game, Mad Max in my opinion is really fun. Car combat is explosively destructive and vehicle customization is deep allowing the player to create their own weaponized car – The Magnum Opus. Combat with Max is also great. It's fast pace, violent and furious while I found the story very straight forward, it doesn't disappoint. The only thing this game lacks is a better parkour system as Max doesn't jump so well and movement seems a bit award. Nonetheless Mad Max is a game worth your time.

  2. Asylant

    If any developer at Avalanche reads this:

    Please give us console and PC players a patch which makes dead bodies/corpses and car wrecks stay on the ground until the player reaches a great distance to them. Instantly fading away bodies and cars massively break the immersion!

    This kind of game design is absolutely not bearable in the year 2015. Most games these days offer permanently visible bodies and blood stains, which increase the realism and immersion considerably. This otherwise great game suffers badly from this issue, please Avalanche, adress this problem. There is nothing that gamers hate more than disappearing corpses. It feels so… 1998. We have next gen consoles and PC's which could run NASA simulation software smoothly, so why do bodies still have to fade away into thin air after 20 seconds?

    Another huge atmosphere killer is the eyesore that covers the top left screen corner – the mission objective text reminder. Does it have to be visible all the time and ruin the vista? And what's with the floating destination marker that is always visible in the distance? Isn't the minimap enough to find my path, do I need to be reminded by a floating circle within the game environment all the time? No, I don't. Ubisoft does this, yes. But they think gamers are stupid. But we aren't. We love playing most games with HUD entirely disabled, as we want to discover the game world by ourselves.

    So please give us the option to turn off unnecessary things and instead keep the dead bodies in. Thank you very much for reading this and I honestly hope in the name of all gamers that you guys listen to your customers and fans and release a patch soon.


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