Lissie-Mother(Danzig Cover) From Evolve Trailer

This is the song from the Evolve game trailer
Support the artist and purchase the song here:
Original song from Danzig:
Evolve: The Ultimate Big Game Hunt trailer:

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19 Responses

  1. Dawson Whelan

    the game is okay for the first hour but after that its the same Shit over and over again which is sad cause I really hoped this game would be good the concept is great though.

    P.S Great cover 10/10 IGN unlock the game. lol

  2. TheDiscipleofSlash

    Have their been artists that when they listened to a cover of their song thought "Son of a bitch. This is better than mine!" Because this cover is much better than the original.

  3. kevin willems

    Unlike.the terrible.cover of something in the way for.the ps4 commercials, whoever covered this listened to the origional. The essence of the origional is there, but with an interesting little twist. Whil i may personally prefer the orgional, i definately sense this little cover

  4. like a boss 3654

    somebody plz subscribe to my channel i know i am not interesting or entertaining i am not old and i only hae a phone and my friends or friend thatwill do it with me :(

  5. Kayla Eaton

    Tbh this song doesn't fit the game to me and I first heard this song from F.3.A.R by Danzig and that was just awesome and the song would get me so hype for the game 


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