Identity Video Game Gameplay

Identity trailer shows video game gameplay footage

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Identity trailer delves into a modern-day open-world MMORPG with complete freedom and a focus on player interaction, from Asylum Entertainment.

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20 Responses

  1. horizon

    is there an ai and limit for resources? do you need gasoline to drive cars? will there be electric cars? do you need to pay an electric bill? can you buy solar panels? do you have to eat and hydrate to survive? can you be vegan? can you grow your own food? can you design and build your own house, car, motor home, bike, bicycle, plane, train, and boat? do you need to sleep? do you need to stay warm? do you need nutrients? i want a game like this, along with engineering and inventing,

  2. Curtis Clark

    it's so stupid when there are mods for games when you can do this but with limited games like this that barely anyone paid attention to which you could possible do a yon of stuff in this p.s it's also for console so it would expand to a wider audience

  3. Syrup ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    I think there needs to be a leveling system for criminals. I know it wouldn't be legit RP, but that way a 13 year old "troll" can't join the game, play for 5 minutes, find a pistol and kill the first people they see. If you need to level up pick pocketing skills or something along those lines, then experienced players will get caught less, and newbies who don't take the game seriously will earn time in jail.
    It's just an idea, I'd like feedback on it if anyone has time ツ

  4. Forgotten Syrup

    while he said "it's probabley gonna be worth a fortune some day" sarcasticly it likeley will be worth shitloads in game if it's put up for sale because everyone will want the "trailer art" 😀 hell i'd bid on that just for bragging rights

  5. Marilyn Moonphina

    Wow I listened to some of the comments and was surprised that the comments were about race.  In the world we live in today I would think that these people should pay attention to whats going on around them, it has nothing to do with race.  Some people still living their lives in the past and need to concentrate on the future.  Sorry I used you web site to comment.


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