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  1. Mader Levap

    Egh, story strains suspension of disbelief to breaking point. This video assumes everyone will sit on their hands during this kind of Korean unification and nukes from USA would be lobbed long ago before Korean invasion on USA.

  2. Laughing Achilles

    I really liked this game, it was different in many respects to the COD clones. I do think they could have had a better story though, the idea of North Korea ruling the world is so ridiculous that it was a bit jarring to play through.

    Still a good game all in all.

  3. actisac

    North Korean Military especially its Higher up Generals know that they cannot do much other than attack South Korea. South Korea doesn't want the Hungry & Desolate population Refugees fleeing down south in case of war. Its bad for the Korean Economy. American forces being stationed in South doesn't change the realities of War. However Unified Korea ruling the World. Simply not possible.

  4. Col. Nugget

    honestly it would be pretty much impossible for any single country to occupy america. even if they somehow manage to get enough troops to take down our military and still have enough leftover to occupy our land, theyd soon figure out that we american are some of the most stubborn and defensive motherfuckers in the world, and we would not go down with out a full fledge revolution

  5. Malesa Odom

    predictive programming we witnessed this exact same situation earlier this year between North and South Korea and the US. And people still don't think the illuminati is real? Evidence in your face can't be a coincidence.

  6. Pairofnoobs

    Dé·jà vu (dzhä v)
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