Hitman Absolution – Launch Trailer

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18 Responses

  1. halomo81

    The game was bad ass yes lite on the sandbox feel but there were still alot of Hitmanesque things about it just whiners crying over how " I envision the game to be" its not your game its IO interactive's

  2. Iron Lungs

    people, the company is listening, at least it sounds like it is, new Hitman game, less linear with more open-ended maps. The concept of checkpoints will also be abandoned which was a by-product of the linearity in Absolution. The ability to holster long weapons like rifles and shotguns has also been removed. The game will be released for the Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms

  3. Mark Arandjus

    Hitman games are and always has been games that required patience, precision and planning: Judging by these comments a lot of people are unfairly upset that Hitman doesn't play like GTAm which is the direct opposite of that.

  4. ParkourNovosibirsk

    I was actually suprised when i got the game and found out that most of the things you see 47 do in the trailer isn't just a badass trailer montage, but are actual game mechanics. Everything you see him do in the trailer you can do in the actual game. Def one of the best games i have ever played, surpases even Blood Money. Took em 6 years but they nailed that shit good.

  5. Joni Kujala

    This game has a great story, good levels and so on but it gives minus points for killing people..utter bullshit… Hitman 2 and Hitman blood money were the best hitman games..

  6. Carlos Reyes

    the game is toooooooooooooooooooooooo slow, really slow…good graphics and scenes but when you are in the 3 rd part you only wont to sleep

  7. Brian Banta

    Playing the Hitman series makes me want to have adventures like 47. Taking down Gangsters and Terrorists would be the life for me:)


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