Has “Hatred” the Game Really Gone Too Far? Trailer Reaction

Destructive Creations showed off the trailer for their upcoming game Hatred recently that caught the attention of tons of people online. The reason? Many feel the violence displayed in Hatred had gone too far with a main character that is essentially just out to shoot, stab, and murder everyone and everything in his path. That’s basically the whole premise of the game, kill people, nothing else nothing more.
I’m here to argue that this isn’t anything new and this tactic has been done tons of times previously in gaming for the sake of just getting attention. That heck everything done in the game is done in hundreds of games released every single year but we just don’t notice as much.

“Hatred” Reveal Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrX7G-1xPLs

For anyone talking about the video game violence theory I think this video may actually help you

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20 Responses

  1. Russell Royer (iYamWhatIYam)

    Eh. I feel that Hatred is the video game equivalent of exploitation films. Since they (Destructive Creations) don't want to utilize the resources to create a meaningful experience, they shock people with violence into buying their product. It's dumb, pointless, and I won't buy it.

    Well, that's how I feel.

  2. jmanueljam

    hmmmmm. So as fucked up as the world already is ;theres no problem with a video game simulating killing civilians. Killing woman execution style then going off to kill more people. What's the problem ? wow….spoken like a true white male. The game makes people feel uncomfortable for a reason. The plot is fucked up and sick. Why are you defending it?

  3. Lee Trigs

    I'm Aussie & I was hyped for this game. The day it arrived I found out it was banned in Australia. "An error was encountered while processing your request: This item is unavailable in your country". Big Brother please ban all forms of media, TV, radio, newspaper because real-life news contains real-life stories of hatred.

  4. Wiskersthefif

    oh man…. you are right, some overreactions happening here….they should really see "ABCs of Death"…oh lawdy that movie…or you know any novel written by Clive Barker

  5. Supreme Wolf

    I don't think it's gone to far just fucking stupid especially now it's just gonna be fuel for the retards who think games cause real life violence cause you know shooting pixels automatically makes you military trained and psycho cx

  6. DengrayKai211

    man stupid people today, they worried about digital/pixels then real people, it's like I say there's be a terrorist attack tomorrow or a gang attack on innocent people nobody panics, then I say one innocent pixel human or animal going to tortured or die a horrible death (which no one dies oe get hurt) well everybody loses their minds! the fuck you overly politically correct offended butt hurt people you worried about a video game then anything else??

  7. Bringan2000

    Everyone should really check this guy out, because he has a very good Point when it come to violence in video-games.

    Angry Foreigner – Orsakar TV-spel Våld?      (Translation = do video-games cause violence?)

    It is in Swedish, but it has sub, so no worry.   Have Fun (^^)

  8. Ken Hamada

    In my honest opinion, it's just publicity that leaves a sour taste for consumers. The only redeeming quality of "Hatred" is its game engine, where virtually everything is destructible. Once you strip out the controversy and all that s**t, you realize that it's just a barebones game. It's pretty bland in terms of story and gameplay. I'm probably going to offend some people for saying this, but I still believe the developers deliberately set off this controversy to publicize their game, which I mentioned is a very barebones and bland game. Get the right-wing convervatives and SJWs to jump on their firestorm, and the game will sell, cause there is no such thing as bad publicity, right? It just feels like a cheap and distasteful way to sell a game to me. A shame too, as the game engine is very solid, something I personally want to build my games (assuming I know how to make one).

  9. Joseph Joestar

    Even though I also don't think Mortal Kombat or Chain Saw Massacre are just fine, for being just games, or Postal or Manhunt, since both were censored for a certain reason, this one is about to come out in times that are pretty much different than the others, plus, the key problem is the plot. When all of others have rather a indiscriminate killing, psychopaths or a death tournament, this one talks about a topic that is in a pinnacle nowadays, that is hatred, dissatisfaction, disbelief, hopelessness. If it really have the kind of plot it is implying, it may make some drepressive people, just for exemple, rethink about life and the roots of their misfortune and do something about it, but not in the good way.
    Anyway, just an opinion.

  10. Kord228

    Reminds me of the movie Rampage. Don't see people going batshit crazy over that. Oh wait because it's not a game :U

  11. TheMasterAssasinBen

    Hatred aint nothing new…and nothing shocking at the very least game is actually pretty fun if repetetive and really with the "WRITING" that went in it its so hard to take it seriously i was laughing my ass off seeing what went in it.


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