Gone Home Official Promotional Trailer

A trailer for the hottest new horror exploration shooter, Gone Home.

What do you do when you realize you’ve Gone Home… To a Doom House?™

Music: Redletter by Kevin MacLeod
Made for Something Awful 2013.

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20 Responses

  1. kevin lim

    This is a game about a lesbian relationship. It's more of a soap opera about forbidden love than anything scary at all. Seriously

    No interaction with the only ghost in the story. Seriously, he doesn't show up at all and only appears in letters hinting he haunts the place despite the fact that he isn't even part of the story.

  2. Leticia Morales

    I already played the game, and at the beginning is very eerie and creepy but when you became familiar with the game mode, it loses that eerie charm.

    I played the game turning all the lights on haha and seeing this trailer I'm wondering: If you play without lights that poltergeist stuff appear? In that case I would play it again, since it looks interesting!

  3. Luna xx

    This whole trailer is fake. You cant find weapons in the house or burn drawings or stuff like that. Its more like you walk around the house to explore the family's story 

  4. Rain Racers Online

    So this isn't a horror game? Wow… Everdraed, fantastic job on changing its appearance! I watched this first at school, and i had the headphones on pretty high… Sam's voice is creepier all the way through. The game doesn't look like my style, but it does look interesting.  Comparing this "trailer" and The Stanley Parable trailer, i'd honestly have to say this one is just as equally creepy as the other… glad that it isn't completely a scary game though xD Two thumbs up for me. (Srry if i spelled Stanley wrong)

  5. Hailey Leal

    The trailer made this game look scary. But really, it's not a scary game.
    The game is about a girl, named Katie (you) who is visiting her family. But her family moved into a new house. When you arrive, no one is home because the parents are on vacation for a few days and your sister, Sam, ran away with her girlfriend. The whole game is basically you looking around the house, finding secret tunnels, and finding clues about your sister. You get little journal notes that your sister left for you, and if you put all the notes together, it tells the cutest, most romantic story I've every heard. It may seem scary at some points, but I promise that nothing scary pops up or anything like that. It's a cute game, and I really liked it.

  6. theslyder

    In his defense, this could easily mislead someone that isn't already informed about the game, and could affect their purchase (Or lack there of.)

  7. Maxwell Grappling Retrostyle

    Oh go fucking wank yourself cunt. I'm trying to stop fucking five years olds looking at this and spending the money I PAID, then realising that it has nothing to do with this trailer. And fucking hell, there are people who do fucking do this. Cunt.

  8. AGrayPhantom

    Okay, this was the first trailer I'd seen of this game, and I was almost fooled into thinking it was real. I wonder how many gamers have seen this, bought the game, only to be disappointed in their expectations.

  9. Maxwell Grappling Retrostyle

    1. This Is NOT What The Game Is About.
    2. The Voices Have Been Edited
    4. The Real Story Is About A Girl and Her Girlfriend, It's About Love.
    7. (the sticky notes that say "get out while you still can," the notes actually have something to do with the dad's new book about JFK)

    everything in this trailer is WRONG, This is nothing to do with the game or it's story.

  10. HardWarUK

    It's not a horror game, there is no combat no traps, no puzzles, just investigations of your family home and finding out what is going on behind the lines with your Mom, Dad and Samantha, your Sister.


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