Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Review, Spoilers & Predictions

Here are my thoughts for the Game of Thrones Season 6 red band trailer. I offer up some bold predictions, spoilers and thoughts on the clip.

Of course I could have discussed much more but I’ll be saving it for the upcoming Small Council discussion for next season – Saturday March 19th, 2016 – Probable time will be 7 PM EST.

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43 Responses

  1. Danicic Predrag

    I have to say something about Davos. last scene on trailer ..

    Are any of those nights watch man present when they are killing John Snow ?

    I think that second man on the right from Davos (looking from Davos perspective) looks like 4-th that stabbed John ..

  2. XGeekTacularX

    the shot of Ghost and Jon if you look REALLY close… you can see ghosts body moving (breathing). i think that the men inside are Jon's loyal followers from the nightswatch. because Ghost would be up ready to attack if they weren't, plus once Davos draws up longclaw I'm sure if they were there to fight they wouldn't have let him draw the sword. i think they're (davos and those in the room) are trying to stop the other nightswatchman from coming inside.

  3. Damian Perez

    If it has been mentioned before I am sorry you said something telling.. You said Ned and his 5 companions are in this shot.. We are missing one it was 7 against 3.. All these guys look like Typical Stark Bannermen. To me its kind of like that Sesame street song one of these kids is doing his own thing… we are missing one these kids and he prefers Stealth and flank and rear attacks. Could be wrong… But think its Holland Reed we are missing he will show up but at the end.

  4. kellydavid23

    Do you think that Lady Stoneheart will appear in Season 6?
    I think that the TV show will now bring in some story lines that they skipped in the book in order to give George RR Martin time to write the next few books. I don’t think the show will be able to pass out the books too much. I think Jamie going to Dorne and Sansa going to the Boltons with Brianne following her, was just a way for the TV show to stall these characters so they could stall Lady Stoneheart. They want to stall Lady Stoneheart so that Jon’s death would be more shocking to the viewer and the resurrection more jaw-dropping. (Viewers could easily guess that he was defiantly not dead because Lady Stoneheart already came back). Once Jon is back from the dead, it then makes lady Stoneheart’s comeback more shocking and gruesome as she will be so much more decayed than Jon and her resurrection is more believable following Jon’s. Melisandra will bring back into the story her meeting with Beric Dondarrion to remind the viewer how to bring a body back from the dead. This conveniently reintroduces Beric Dondarrion back into the storyline.
    Ayria’s direwolf Nymeria is still wondering the riverlands and I can see Nymeria finding Beric Dondarion and has been with the Brotherhood without banners all this time. The direwolf can now find Catylns body in the river. I think now that Jamie is back from Dorne he will start to move up to the Riverlands. We know blackfish is coming back so Jamie will be sent to deal with him. Brianne is now free to go to the Riverlands in search of Sansa (She will assume Sansa has gone to her Uncle), so that sets it up so that her and Lady Stoneheart can meet and Brianne’s and Jamie’s story arc can continue….

  5. marie hill

    Melisandre is undressing in front of someone….I think you can see the shape of a shoulder or head in the foreground, but she does look frightened & unsure, not the usual smirky Mel of old…..Also I can't see Davos wandering about the north with the Boltons army out searching for Sansa/Theon……I also noted that in the released pics, Davos is looking down at something as smoke plumes around him and in the trailer we see Davos standing next to a pyre……With Shireens death scene there were woodlands close by, her mother hung herself and Stannis was beheaded leaning against the tree…In the trailer the landscape is treeless…if anything it looks a little like the place where Jon burnt Ygritte….I also think that in order for Davos to side with Melisandre & to protect Jon's body even unto his own death…then Davos has seen something with his own eyes. He has had proof that Jon is special and is willing to die for Jon…..It lacks logic that Davos would be willing to lose his life for a corpse or that he would simply believe whatever Mel mutters….He is a man who believes what he sees and I think he knows who Jon is & is willing to protect him unto death….I will leave it there as I have no internet at home yet(I moved house) and am at the library….Excellent vid Charlie as always. I will probably miss your Small Council, but will watch it later once my internet is connected…..:)

  6. Joe Rebert

    Maybe I misheard you in the video, i can't remember how you worded it now and why I left that comment. But yes six people including someone that looks like ned

  7. Joe Rebert

    Nice video Charlie I think you're right with a lot of stuff buthat I'm pretty sure there's 6 people in the tower of Joy scene

  8. salamander337

    4:48 I don't think Sansa & Theon will be going to Last Heart, the Umbers. From the look of it The Umbers and The boltons are allies so they are most likely going to the closes place from Winter Fell, which is Deepwood Motte. In the trailer we see Sansa and Theon running in the woods and Deepwood Motte is surrounded by woods. There in the woods they will meet up with Brienne and she will help them to safety.
    I also don't believe that Ghost is dead. The picture show his neck in a hump position. If you have dogs you'll know that when they rest they will arch their shoulders and lay their heads down.

  9. Sandy Lemieux

    Thanks Charlie. I think Davos is going to fight the night's watch trying to get in the room. I think it is a fake Stannis burned. In the books Balon is killed by a faceless man as predicted by the ghost of high heart.

  10. Vicki Spaulding

    Charlie, I think you might be right about Mel (blood magic) to revive Jon, and Davos is the agent, that's why he is drawing Longclaw.

  11. mistressofnyte69

    I was doing some thinking about that scene with Melisandre disrobing with a look of apprehension on her face. What if that's a scene of Mel trying to recreate the Nissa Nissa story? Maybe she's already resurrected Jon Snow and she tells Jon that he is the true Azor Ahai and that in order to create Lightbringer, she must be sacrificed by him with his sword through her heart. That's my crackpot tinfoil theory though.

  12. Ser Hunts Reviews

    Davos is getting ready to fight the Knights Watch members who are coming into to take Jons body! Just look how the members inside the room dont react to Davos drawing sword, they are there to protect Jon's Corpse!

  13. Angela Barry-Florio

    I think that melisandre will try to revive jon by killing ghost and it doesn't work and then she'll sacrifice herself to save jon! love your show :)

  14. Don Snow

    And Mel could be "bearing her breasts", I always thought she would have to be sacrificed one way or another. I could be wrong because I think we won't get…LB..til at least season 7

  15. Don Snow

    That's crazy because until now I haven't heard anyone claim it's Shireens pire, that's the first thing I thought because of his relationship with her.

  16. Jeni Henry

    Can't wait to see Davos stepping up in this season! I think he might be one of the only purely good characters in this series.
    …it's going to hurt when he dies. :(

  17. wiser82

    I think Davos and some of jons friends (hopefully edd) will be protecting his body from Allister Thorne and his guys who want to burn his carcass as the usual practice. And maybe Davos will die or whoever does is the death payment for jon to be revived. Hopefully jon is in ghost to help defend his body.

  18. SamR09

    Maybe Yara/Asha is just acting like all other Iron born revers and enjoys just being sexual in general they do often rape when they invade places

  19. SamR09

    I think Davos is protecting Jon's body from the nights watch who killed him and ghost is just calm because Davos isn't a threat to Jon or Ghost

  20. jeff rassuchine

    Melisandre believes strongly in the storyline of Azor Ahai Reborn. Remember Nissa Nissa bares her breast to bring on Lightbringer? Perhaps Melisandre is baring her breast for Longclaw?

  21. Arikun

    I think the woman Yara is kissing might be the Dusky Woman. I have a feeling they are merging Yara and Victarion and have her travel to Slaver's Bay.

  22. Kceam

    In my opinion Balons was also killed by Euron in the books, because his death really seems suspicious and there are some hints that might support that theory. It also seems a bit suspicious that Euron appears just like that, directly after Balons dead, he couldn't have known and not often are there coincidences in Game of Thrones.

  23. Paul Davies

    I assume Melisandre is looking bewildered because Jon Snow has been resurrected but is now willing to have sex. In fact…telling her to disrobe.

  24. Kceam

    Ghost may also be Photoshoped in there to hide something else, but i dont think so

  25. Mayg Wenz

    I immediately thought that Davos was going to stop Mel from using her dark magic on Jon's body.

  26. Todd Scherbel

    You had some interesting predictions. Keep them coming.

    In what appears to be the Tower of Joy scene at 7:04, I think you are right about Arthur Dayne as the knight with the Targ sigil is wielding two swords with one sword noticeably whiter than the other – a.k.a. Dawn

  27. baddogonline

    Cersei burnt down part of the red keep, but why do people think she's going to burn down the whole city?

  28. will be my end

    I think the Davos drawing Longclaw scene involved Night's Watch men who were Jon loyalists who were working with Davos, and not the conspirators… that would explain why Ghost was just chilling instead of defending Jon. It would also make more sense because, by his own words, Davos isn't a fighter, and he has no fingers on one of his hands too. So him defeating two members of the Night's Watch all by himself seems extremely far fetched.

  29. TheIronUnderneath

    I feel a terrible sense of foreboding in that scene with Davos drawing a sword over Jon and Ghost, I almost started to cry thinking that he was going to sacrifice Ghost for Jon's life, But, there's also that scene with Melissandre opening her gown…that makes me wonder if she's sacrificing herself for him? Maybe she feels such grief over her mistake that she offers herself? Don't know but I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. Thanks Charlie!

  30. Murfdog

    Good job, Charlie… Enjoyed your thoughts and speculation on the trailer… I will be pissed if they kill Ghost off… We dogs support our cousins in the North…. Also, like the thought of Davos looking at Shireen's remains/spot of burning… First one I heard with that thought… Makes alot of sense/logical… Tks again.