Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer: Hidden Clues Revealed!

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The agony is almost over as the season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones is around the corner and HBO has released a red band trailer so replete with hidden secrets, flashbacks, and spoilers that we can feel our lives returning!
After losing all motivation to wake up in the morning for the last year and after that underwhelming teaser released a few weeks ago, we finally have a trailer that proves season 6 is going to blow season 5 out of the water.
If you watch this trailer more than once you’ll see- it reveals a LOT! So if you don’t want to even entertain the possibility of a few spoilers then be warned because we’ve got one hell of a breakdown coming your way. Then again, without the books to guide us, this trailer is all we have so let’s jump right in! Obviously the question we’re all asking ourselves- is Jon Snow dead for good? Well right out of the gate the trailer tackles this query. You see Jon’s bloody corpes right where he was murdered as we hear Davos saying “He’s gone.” But later on in this 1 minute and 41 second trailer you see Melisandre having a crisis of faith. She admits with painful resignation: “The great victory I saw in the flames… all of it was a lie.” Later we see that Jon’s body has been saved from the hands of those murderous Night’s Watchmen, most definitely by Davos. We see a shot of Melisandre remove her clothing. We also see her touch Jon’s body, presumably to revive him. Then again, there’s a shot of Davos standing somberly by a pyre that we assume is to burn the body of Jon Snow to stop him from becoming a whitewalker. But spoiler: at 1:17 in the trailer you see a battle field with men on horses and if you pause it, toward the center of the screen for less than a mili second you saw a man who looks a whole lot like Kit Harrington riding a white horse. Full circle to the end of the trailer, Davos, with Jon’s pale corpse in the foreground, unleashes his sword and says…

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24 Responses

  1. ludusa

    Really? REALLY? No single hidden clue was given, this is just stupid clickbait. All this girl did was re-telling what we could all see in the trailler anyway, plus annoying voice and way of speaking. If you love listening to yourself, just do it in your bathroom or with gals somewhere, don´t upload spam on YT – as I don´t need litter when I´m actually looking for information And even if we all love the show, no, none of us is so deperate that we have no reason to wake up in the morning unless the GoT is on. Get over yourself, this was such a waste of time. Why do ppl do this?

  2. Dior Forshee

    Get a super hot girl to give a terrible breakdown. State the obvious and get the clues wrong Wow!!!!

  3. mtd076

    LISTEN! He's going to cut his HEAD off and do the long body thing with John's head poking out the top. Sorry for that SPOILER.

  4. Jay Mil

    Ehhh— most of this is wrong I think. Davos was at that pyre to see what really happened to Stannis & Shireen, as that was the same pire/area that Shireen was burned. That was NOT Melissandre reviving Jon, ti was his brother Ed closing his eyes most likely..

  5. Lori Gibson

    Good video. But, that wasn't Melly touching Jon, not Davos either, probably Ed closing Jon's eyes.. Maybe? Thank you so much for the video though.

  6. D2016-1

    Is this woman's name Jon Snow? Because she knows nothing. Of course not, if she was Jon snow she'd at least know how to spell her own name.

  7. vasszeleczki

    This was really fucking shit! Who the fuck this head wigling "i am pretty" stupid cunt? He name is Jon Snow not John stupid muricas!

  8. Tof.Fefee

    Actually, when Davos says "I've never been much of a fighter… apologies for what you're about to see" it's not a big deal to find out why he's saying this. He may want to kill the direwolf (most probably ordered so by Melisandra, she may need it for some kind of blood magic). Apologizing in advance for what's about to happen is because Davos knows he may not be able to kill the animal in a simple way, it's going to be messy because he's not a trained user of the sword.
    Please note that we can clearly see the sword Davos takes in his hand is Jon Snow's Valyrian sword, Longclaw! I am sure as hell that it's not a coincidence he uses that particular sword.
    However, my theory may be flawed because in the end of the scene we see that the other men in the room take out their swords as well. Either they do it because they want to fight with Davos, or just as some act of "assurance" in case if Davos fails killing the direwolf. The only certain thing is, it's going to be some really messy business :)

  9. chubbu28

    I keep hearing that jon is the son of rhaeghar and lyanna but from the interest melisandre has in him in previous season, when she is looking for baratheon illegitimate children, I always felt he was probably son of the king baratheon and lyanna. butI also learnt tat lyanna was kidnapped by rhaeghar.does it fit?

  10. bob513993

    That "pyre" Davos was standing by sure doesn't look a thing like any of the funeral pyres we've seen throughout the whole show. Hoster Tully in a tinder-filled boat, Khal Drogo on a giant bed of branches, the Watchmen after the Battle for the Wall on the platform of branches, even Jon by himself built a pyre more formal than that for Ygritte. I don't buy that that's a funeral pyre.

  11. Lamar

    Title makes no sense… Hidden clues? Wtf? Flagged this video because of the shit title