Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Breakdown [S6/ADWD spoilers]

What does the new Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer tell us about the upcoming season? What’s going on with Jon Snow at the Wall? And the battle in the North? And Arya in Braavos? And in Meereen? And with Daenerys in the Dothraki Sea? And with Euron on the Iron Islands? And in King’s Landing with Cersei and Jaime and the Faith? And in Bran’s visions? Goddamn, there is a lot happening.

This video contains major spoilers for Season 6 and ADWD.


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  1. Spadoogle Wetumpkus

    I like me some G.O.T but I'm afraid lack luster season five being followed by what looks to be a powerhouse season 6 is quite possibly related to HBO Now's availability being broadened to even a website with no cable or sat subscriptions required. The desire to watch G.O.T alone without a nasty programming package full of undesirable channels probably will make this company an expanded fortune while making television providers hiss like a dying cave serpent. Such great timing.

  2. Matthew Fodell

    "Hopefully Ramsey, though it looks like he has at least 20 good men there, so he's probably unstoppable." That shit REALLY made me laugh. Well done.

  3. Gary Sheridan

    Have you seen the newest trailer? the nights king grabs Brans arm so maybe you were wrong and its not a vision, look into it! (dunno if its online but somebody shared screenshots from an American TV channel)

  4. eM Es

    Okay he's talking a little bit faster in this video so it's more bearable to listen to. But still his voice is wayyyyyyy too calm. It boils my blood.

  5. Jack White

    Please do the Evil Bran theory!! I heard this one recently and would love to see it done in depth. At the moment people believe Bloodraven is 'good' and Bran is being trained to pick up the reigns of the tree-wizard moving forward, but this doesn't add up to me. What if Bran is being manipulated, trained for command, as bloodraven actually controls the White Walkers? It would be a shattering revelation if this were the case, but it is plausible. Bloodraven controls Coldhands – essentially a wight – who has no qualms with killing nights watchmen as well as wildlings. Bloodraven's cave cannot be entered by wights, perhaps because it is he who commands them. Is it too far fetched to assume that Jojen and Meera were just manipulated into helping him? If the Jojen paste theory holds up Jojen was clearly killed because he was no longer useful. Bran would be guilty of cannibalism and of warging into another human (Hodor), so already he is transgressing many of the laws of g-ds and men. Bloodraven tells Bran that he will fly. Many believe this to mean Bran will possess on of Daenery's dragons, but there is an alternative. There supposedly exists an ice dragon, and it could be that THIS is the dragon Bran is to possess. This could explain Bloodraven's need for Bran; Bran is a more powerful warg/greenseer and only he could hope to command this dragon which would be required to fight daenerys – how else can ICY forces of the Great Other (the old gods…?) hope to withstand an onslaught from FIRE breathing dragons. From the outset there have been hints of this: for all his apparent innocence Bran loved horror stories from a young age, and now he is set to become one. In the trailer we see Bran face the Nights King in a vision. Maybe this is what it means to command the White Walkers.

    To me this is overwhelming evidence in favour of the theory. The alternative is that Bran will just be another 'unit' fighting the walkers, along with Jon, Daenerys, Azor Ahai (obviously Jorah Mormont) and everyone else. Far better to have him be the ultimate 'villain' all along – though perhaps not with disingenuous motives. There is however one fact that gives me cause for doubt; why are the children of the the forest siding with Bloodraven? They fought against the walkers the first time round, so it is difficult to imagine why they would fight with them now. Maybe they too are being manipulated? It is hard to say.

    Thank you for your time if you read all this, and please please consider dedicating an episode to this curiosity. It would certainly spark some interesting ideas.

  6. robuuut

    hey man, just a suggestion in case you're running out of ideas – would you possibly be able to make a video exploring meera reed being jon snows twin sister, taken by howland at the tower of joy?

  7. KMalinsky

    Boltons will lose, i guarantee it. After battle with Stannis, they've lost around 200-1000 men after the battle you can see alot of horses lying there. So it's around 1,000-,1500 Bolton men against 5,000 Wildlings and 3,000+ other Northmen.

  8. Tiago Himura

    Again , great work , nowdays your videos come in really early and with the same professionalism that you showed us in the begining that took you some months to make , but now with the help of some your fans you are making it faster and has good if not even better . Congrats and thank you , i believe i am talking for 99% of the people that watch your videos NICE WORK SIR !

  9. Lygtelars

    You make the best game of thrones videos, the only negative thing about your videos are some of the them really lack a bit of sound quality.

  10. Laticia Cull

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