Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer Analysis and Review (SPOILERS)

In this video I analyze the Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer and try to speculate on what this means for Season 6

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37 Responses

  1. Gheorghe Vasile

    the Night King imho is more powerfull then we think…ressurecting dead dragons level…last season we've seen a fourplay of what they are capable

  2. Keir Whitwell

    are we sure it is Mellisandre that is looking into the flames? she appears to be wearing a ring very similar to what Danaerys usually wears

  3. Sophia Wilson

    Do you know that if Tystane Martell still on the boat? and why didn't Jamie turn the fu**ing boat around? and why kill Mycrella why not kill Jamie? who wrote this shit?. They ruin Dorne.

  4. D'Andre Richardson

    +Enchantment of Eternity Am I late or does nobody point out the fact that the same song from Jon Snows death is the same song from his last talk to an unconscious Bran? The symbolism is too much to ignore.

  5. Brian Gervais

    ramsay burns gendry, confirmed. but seriously what im looking forward to is sansas reaction to learning arya is still alive and that she was travelling with the hound

  6. Heather Riede

    It's not a charade to say Jon is dead. He IS dead. They just resurrect him obviously as you even glimpse him alive in battle later on in the trailer. And Tyrion is DEFINITELY going to free the dragons, or they're going to get out somehow this season guaranteed!

  7. Vegetable Man

    Jorah finding that ring isn't as improbable as you'd think, remember how those riders surrounded her, in that big whirlpool shaped circle? That has to be how they pinpointed the ring, directly in the center is where it would be found

  8. kellydavid23

    Does anyone think that Lady Stoneheart will appear in Season 6?
    I think that the TV show will now bring in some story lines that they skipped in the book in order to give George RR Martin time to write the next few books. I don’t think the show will be able to pass out the books too much. I think Jamie going to Dorne and Sansa going to the Boltons with Brianne following her, was just a way for the TV show to stall these characters so they could stall Lady Stoneheart. They want to stall Lady Stoneheart so that Jon’s death would be more shocking to the viewer and the resurrection more jaw-dropping. (Viewers could easily guess that he was defiantly not dead because Lady Stoneheart already came back). Once Jon is back from the dead, it then makes lady Stoneheart’s comeback more shocking and gruesome as she will be so much more decayed than Jon and her resurrection is more believable following Jon’s. Melisandra will bring back into the story her meeting with Beric Dondarrion to remind the viewer how to bring a body back from the dead. This conveniently reintroduces Beric Dondarrion back into the storyline.
    Ayria’s direwolf Nymeria is still wondering the riverlands and I can see Nymeria finding Beric Dondarion and has been with the Brotherhood without banners all this time. The direwolf can now find Catylns body in the river. I think now that Jamie is back from Dorne he will start to move up to the Riverlands. We know blackfish is coming back so Jamie will be sent to deal with him. Brianne is now free to go to the Riverlands in search of Sansa (She will assume Sansa has gone to her Uncle), so that sets it up so that her and Lady Stoneheart can meet and Brianne’s and Jamie’s story arc can continue….

  9. marie hill

    I had to wait days to see the trailer as I have moved & no internet at home yet ARGGHHHHH!!!…..Davos looks as if he is staring at burnt wood, did they try to burn Jon's body & Mel finds Jon's body intact & she & Davos bring it back to Castle Black…..I can only see Davos uniting with Mel if he knows & has seen a miracle, proving to him who Jon is…He is not going to listen to her wafflings as he has never trusted her. I think Davos would need proof to join her with her intent to resurrect Jon…. Also Thorne is trying to break into the room that holds Jon's body, why would he do that if he thinks Jon is dead? When Davos pulls out LongClaw, is this to protect Jon from the NW, or are the NW that are in the room with him, Jon's friends(yet where is Edd?)…If these are Jon's enemies then Ghost would react….Is Ghost dead?…..And yes, the Nights King knows Bran can see him & Bran looks surprised…..Sansa looks as if she escapes, & in the pics release we did see Brienne in a barn, does she swear an Oath to Sansa & is sent to the Riverlands by Sansa?….I think Arya is blind, but I'd love her to warg Nymeria……I think this season is going to Rock! Great vid thanks Mark:)

  10. Sandy Lemieux

    Queen of the North!! In the books Balon is killed by a faceless man as predicted by the Ghost of High Heart

  11. Sandy Lemieux

    Great analysis. I also think that Jamie and Cersei will have a falling out because Jamie needs to go to the Riverlands for the second red wedding….:)

  12. GeekonReview

    I'm down with all your predictions. Awesome video, Mark! What did you think of the Wicked Game cover for the trailer? I get it, Wicked Game/Game of Thrones. Very witty. But that cover was ass, lol

  13. Marta Zyznowska

    Don't think that's Mel with the hand near the fire. It's Dany I think. I only noticed it because I'm re-watching S2 and she wears the same ring on her index finger in that.

  14. Karna M

    Theon..Theon..Theon.. I desperately want Reek to turn back to Theon somehow and prove how good of an archer he is. More than Stark, I want him to bring down the Boltons, especially that horn blowing bastard (whom he claimed to kill in S2E10). I hope he proves his valor and makes Roose and Ramsay to pay the Iron price. What is dead may never die (except his tool)!

  15. Marvin Holden

    In regard to the scene in which Denarius is arriving at the Dothraki City, it appears that the great majority of the people arriving with her are slaves. I believe the Dothraki always ride on horseback and the slaves are always on foot. In the picture slaves vastly outnumber the Dothraki on horseback just like all the other cities in which Denarius has inspired revolt. Considering Denarius's history with her actions against slavery, I believe there's a good possibility that she will turn the Dothraki slaves against them as well. After all it was the Dothraki's actions in season 1 that sort of kicked off her anti-slavery mentality in the first place yet they seemingly get off scot-free… until now maybe. Also, considering all this, does anybody else notice that the clip of the High Septon's "we are the many, now let's overthrow some shit" speech immediately follows the clips of Denarius arriving at Vaes Dothrak. It's at least something to think about. What are your thoughts? Am I way off Target here?

  16. Joana Pregueiro

    Could it be Brienne and Pod burning at the Bolton crosses? Brienne is fighting soldiers (Bolton it seems) in the trailer, probable saving Sansa, letting her run and escape. Ending up caught by the Boltons.

  17. Sabrina Dean

    I really hope we get better for Sansa.  I was so happy for her in that bath scene.  But then they made it seem like a front and less genuine when they put her with the Boltons. Oh yeah she's stronger, not to go mad, and to understand how to step carefully, but she could be pulling her own manipulation by now.

  18. Matthew Brendley

    worst case for cersei: the faith storms the red keep and about twenty different sparrows over power Robert strong and they decapitate cersei

  19. Gamy Deb

    There is talk about seeing Jon Snow on a white horse at the 1:17 mark. Did you see that and what do you think?

  20. iQwobble

    I don't think that is Melisandre looking into the flames at 10.36 . I think it is actually Daenarys, which perhaps tells you she is somewhere more civilised than in imprisonment in the midst of a Dothraki horde.

  21. laughingkilla

    so the little frame showing Jon riding the horse, is it a flashback or a stale confirmation of him coming back.

  22. Lauren Walker

    I cannot wait for the Tower of Joy goodness. It's going to be amazing. I'm also incredibly excited to see Cersei spiral into madness.