Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer 2 Breakdown

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Trailer 2. Sansa Stark vs Ramsay Bolton, Jon Snow Dead Body, Tyrion Lannister vs Daenerys Targaryen Dragons and White Walkers Army ►
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22 Responses

  1. Football Genius

    Well since episode 3 is almost here this trailer is pretty simple to explain:
    1. Sansa Stark and Brienne of Tarth meet with Jamie Lannister who breaks his oath and takes them prisoner (hence the episode name 'Oathbreaker').
    2. Jon Snow relived of his duty at the nights watch leads the wildings into battle against the Ramsey (SnowBall)
    3. Sansa Stark escaping Jamie finally meets with Jon and is able to wear her sigils and regain her footing!
    4. Arya gets her sight back as seen in 10:22
    5. Bran is able to go back in time and see the nights king
    6. Danereys's dragon (drogon) flies over the HORD however does not help her hence she is stripped later
    7. Davos is trying to get house Mormont to help Jon's army!

  2. Jacob Messih

    Why would the Lanisters be going to get Margiery? I know she is married to Tommine but wouldn't Serse keep MArgiery in jail as long as possible?

  3. Deep Joshi

    a spectacular show……blood is rushing in my veins,mind is getting crazy…let's see what is going to happen in season 6

  4. andy pinto

    The line 'do you like games little man' is said by Ramsay Bolton most like to Rickon Stark. Whi most probably gets captured on his way to the wall

  5. Strictly Casual

    8.50ish where you think it's possibly a flashback to the king slaying, the other shadow looks huge, so it could just be the way it's filmed OR do you think it might be someone with the IQ of an any trying to kill Robert Strong?

  6. Kevin B

    I wonder who the person between the high sparrow and the big punisher woman on the right, on the steps, is.

  7. Lilly Dee

    "Do you like games little man" is clearly spoken by Ramsey, don't let the visual fool you, the question is who is he saying it to. Please not Rickon!

  8. Austin G.

    damn, the Tyrell army looks really fucking well equipped, they all have full plate armor

  9. Tomorer

    I though Jon Snow was going to be brought back on the spot!! I guess being right next to a Giant Wall of Ice held off necrosis for a fair old time… It was close to being a totally implausible demonstration of magical resurrection there though!!

  10. TurtleofRhoar

    I don't think it is a flashback to the red wedding. The tables at that event are parallel-ish to the high table. In this clip they are perpendicular to it.