Freddy’s Nightmares – Intro (HD)

The intro to Freddy’s Nightmares – Nightmare on Elm Street: The Series

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  1. mike x

    epsiode 1 was ok at the time when this was released and epsidode 3 was ok but the rest of them sucked.

  2. Gary Ballard

    The late 80s produced a lot of strange (but awesome) tv shows Werewolf the series The Highwayman & War Of The Worlds Freddys Nightmares all seem to go together like P&J

  3. Tony Anastasio

    Robert was sooooooooooooo perfect as Freddy. Some actors are just born to play characters in movies or TV show; Robert is one of them. Robert is like a god to me. He has inspired me so much it's unreal. I love Robert and his Freddy. Grew up with Nightmare films. RIP Wes Craven xxx. I hope I get to meet Englund one day; it's my ultimate dream to meet him and talk. Think I'd smile and cry and be totally star-struck.

  4. Jay Khwaja

    Classic times when Tv was gold unlike now which has become nothing more than a memory replaced with forgetful nonsense of today!.

  5. Kevin Scott

    I remember this. It use to come on late Saturday night/early Sunday morning here in Chicago. I think I watched every episode.

  6. JohnACorp782

    44 episodes, 8 were actually ok, since they were the so called "Freddy-episodes". But yeah, this one was quite lame, compared to the movies.

  7. ohioplayer83

    Lol I used to rewatch the reruns on DirecTV when they used to air just to see the intro with that guy's cheesy scream at 28 seconds 

  8. boterjayer

    I do not understand one thing; 
    The TV series consists of 44 episodes, divided into two seasons tv! 
    On the IMDB website has a page where there is shown a third season and with seven titles of seven episodes! 
    But what is it? 
    Episodes are made ​​and never sent? 
    Or what else?!

  9. horrorbreakdown

    Good show, even though it had a short run.  I made a full feature film, horror anthology titled Video Tape Terror, which was inspired by horror/scifi anthology TV shows.  I'd appreciate a look at the trailer if you have a minute (follow link or view my channel):

  10. Douglas Cornett

    I would love to have a movie studio in which I could produce new horror and in the same way replay all of the old classics.