FALCON CREST | Trailer | Melissa goes crazy

This is a Falcon Crest Trailer with Melissa’s best scenes when she went crazy (season 6 – 8). Watch yourself what an amazing actress Ana-Alicia is. She really brought Melissa to life.
Starring Ana-Alicia, Jane Wyman, Robert Foxworth, David Selby, Lorenzo Lamas, Brett Cullen, John Callahan, Margaret Ladd, Robin Greer, Rod Taylor, Bob Curtis and Susan Sullivan.
Music by: M83

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7 Responses

  1. petercox9

    melissa–the best and most complex nighttime soap opera heroine. ana-alicia–the best nighttime soap actress. falcon crest did the actress and the character as well as the fans a huge disservice when they cavalierly abandoned melissa after years of her being a thoroughly entertaining and compelling part of falcon crest.

    melissa was never crazy. her greatness was just too much to contain.

  2. Joel Cornette

    Adored Melissa. The show lost its punch when they killed her off. Wish the entire series would come out on DVD.

  3. Jeremy P

    what a wonderful acctress ana alicia was, over the years she took this ca rector made it to what its should have been, killing Melissa was the down fall of falcon crest.oh how i loved this show in the 80s, they don't make any shows like this any more, i must say the best of the 80s