Factorio – Gameplay Trailer

Factorio Gameplay Overview 2016

Homepage (free demo / buy the game): http://www.factorio.com.
Steampage: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520

Video: The Factorio team.
Music & Sound: Daniel James Taylor (http://danieljamestaylor.co.uk/)

Big thank you goes to our community which has provided us with great maps for making this trailer.

This video has been recorded with Factorio version 0.13. This is still an unreleased work in progress. Hence some features seen in the trailer (for instance building rail tracks by dragging) are not available in the current release (0.12.24), but are coming soon.

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23 Responses

  1. Michael V

    i believe factorio is going to be the top game of 2016 because is addictive in a good way the way of thinking

  2. Yamyatos

    A game about efficiency and automation? That describes my life. And it describes everything i've done in minecraft, starmade and so on so far. Why is it that somebody else had this idea and i didnt even think about programming a game like this. I will have to try it when i have some free time.. holy shit i guess i`ll need to buy food for months in advance.

  3. Ratkill9000

    Seems like a combination of MineCraft, Age of Empires and Civilization all wrapped into one game.

  4. Jepser Nilom

    m8 s plz ezier multiplayer like able to create private servers friends can join like in terraria

  5. MasterMazeProductions

    I reaaaaallly wish they would add some kind of eco and bio tech to the game. You could for example research a tech to produce Alien Artefacts yourself so you dont have to destroy bases, and you could manage pollution to prevent bases from spawning and growing in the first place. You could plant trees to reduce pollution, utilize all that wood that you have sitting in chests to make bio materials that can be used say to make fill to fill in lakes. I know a lot of this is available in mods already, but it really should be added to vanilla.