District 9 – Official Trailer

District 9 – Official Movie Trailer

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  1. myTheus

    This trailer is garbage compared to the movie itself, so brilliant. I was really disapointed with Elysium, if that hack was real and Sony actually said that it shouldn't have social comments…well, shame on you Sony.

  2. Matti Suoraniemi

    I do know that :) Do you know what producers really do in movie industry? Let me take a quote from Wikipedia: "Film producers prepare and then supervise the making of a film before presenting the product to a financing entity or a film distributor. They might be employed by a film studio or be independent, yet either way they helm the creative people as well as the accounting personnel." Which means they do quite a work on movies, NOT just funding. So I gave credit where credit was due, okay?

  3. thejack473

    first time i viewed this movie, i had never in my life heard of it, i just saw it on a shelf with potentially B movies, and when i saw it at my home, it would be a underestimation to say it was a pleasant surprise, even though it used every single cliche that was humanly possible.

    none the less, you could probably call me a fan of this movie now, and on behalf of all fans, i demand a sequel!

  4. Red4

    Fookin prons – I mean porns – I mean porn – I mean prawns.
    Damn it.

  5. WatchmenDrManhattan

    I wonder what the humans reaction was when the alien ship left were they like "oh shit we are going to here from this"
    or "this is not going to end well fore as" :)
    main point sequel

  6. F

    one of my favourite movies – so different from the rest of all the other alien movies. it's also very very visullay amazing.

  7. LittleLight

    To be honest, i feel bad for those aliens. They're trapped on earth and all They wanna do is go home. But the frekkin gobernmant wouldnt let them go.
    Its just so sad