CW’s Justice League Epic TV Movie Trailer (2016)

Dc comics seem to be evolving a lot, we’ve got such great shows as arrow and the flash and we have the arrival of batman v superman, the suicide squad, legends of tomorrow and super girl.
i decided to it was time to make a TV justice league trailer showing what it would look like if all the DC/CW shows decided to team up to defend our world and we also welcome the return of smallville to the new line of superheroes.
(shows used in trailer)
The Flash

stephen amell – green arrow
grant gustin – the flash
matt ryan – john constantine
micheal rosenbaum – lex luthor
brandon routh – the atom
tom welling – superman
Melissa Benoist – supergirl
Robbie amell – firestorm
Caity lotz – black cannary

I do not own anything. All video is property of Warner Bros., WB, DC Comics, Vertigo, DC Entertainment, CBS & The CW

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16 Responses

  1. 2468shocker

    I loved it,all,the,way till,Smallville if u took out that section you're left with a,decent promo not a trailer I think ik,what you did you had an idea about what you were doing till that part u needed a trailer climax the part in trailers that ensures people will,view,the final,product,and u realized that all,the nostalgic people would actually want him to,return plus it gave u,plenty of material to work with problem but it actually started getting chunky and weird quality didn't match like it should've

  2. SuperMarshall 2.0

    +Central Krypton Can you do this again this time Avengers style. Avengers trailer audio with JLA footage. And can you include Gotham in this cause I feel like it has potential. But if you hate it like others and don't use it I wouldn't mind at all (much).