Crossout: Gamescom 2015 Gameplay trailer

Following the Gamescom 2015 presentation, we present the first gameplay video for Crossout that demonstrates the key attributes and aspects of the game.

CROSSOUT – The post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft and design your unique battle machines from dozens of parts and ride them directly into combat! More info can be found at:


34 Responses

  1. dmc3 pc

    Hard Truck Apocalypse : Rise of Clans was a wonderful game.

    kinda sad that we won't see anymore HTA.

  2. FizzyElf

    Looks amazing, inspired by robocraft, but if you want crossout to be successful, then dont make it a pay to win. That would kill it so hard

  3. Naresh Singh

    Robocraft + Mad Max + <insert name of movie that had prisoners racing around in armoured cars with machine guns> = This pile of awesome!

  4. Mattia Binda

    Robocraft ripoff:
    Robocraft –> build – drive – fight
    Crossout –> craft – ride – destroy
    I'm never going to support you.

  5. Pupudski

    Looks so much better than Robocraft,
    Hopefully some competition will make Robocraft a bit better…

  6. Idontdo Gaming

    What happened to HTA, I want to know, is it dead? There were also a lot of plot holes, like after what ending is Rise of Clans placed, why is the unnamed character evil now, and where is Njery?

  7. pahapuha

    Давненько не видел трейлеров,в которых игра полностью соответствует тому,что мы в последствии скачаем.
    Великолепный трейлер,великолепная игра.