COUNTER-STRIKE (Honest Game Trailers)

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From Valve; the company that refuses to let anyone aim down the barrel, comes the franchise that taught generations of children – you run faster with a knife.

Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite Video Games: Honest Game Trailers. These are the hilarious trailers the game developers don’t want you to see…

Honest Game Trailers: Counter-Strike
Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh
Directed by: Spencer Gilbert
Episode Written by: Spencer Agnew, Spencer Gilbert, Michael Adam Davis, Michael Schroeder & Matt Raub
Edited by: Max Song

Thanks to LOLYOU1337 for letting us use some of his sweet CS clips for the trailer. Check him out at

Voiceover Narration by Jon:

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20 Responses

  1. Ciryatan

    'Anyone run faster with a knife, pff' I lol'd
    Oh yeah, my main gripe with this game its that bores me to death; everyone fucking plays the same map and they just bother with those crappy weapon skins

  2. Sagara Sousuke

    1.5 in my taste is way better than 1.6, because of the accuracy system, the same comparison with Source and GO, Source has the accuracy of 1.5 and is great for that, skill at aiming, not good luck of a bullet spread to the head.

    And i abandoned it because everyone plays the same fucking map.

  3. MakeMeMadMan LOL

    You forgot something. I'm not saying that call of duty or battlefield aren't realistic, but counter strike is the most realistic by several reasons that players must found and it's not the graphics

  4. grah55

    dat bootleg korean one. dat trailer. hot chicks on your team. STRICTLY SPECIAL FORCES BUSINESS NOTHING TO SEE HERE.


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