Catherine Trailer – English Subs

The trailer for the upcoming video game, “Catherine” by the Persona team, Atlus. The trailer is in Japanese, but has been subbed in English by me! Enjoy!

NOTE: Sorry for the bad quality, my renderer decided not to accept high resolution video.

Download Full game

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  1. me keltu

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  2. by POU

    Wow, I always thought Catherine was this game sex game or something because of all the people who comments on the reviews but wow, didn't know it leaned to horror so much. Should I get the game?

  3. Kelter82

    @mewmewlin123456789 aw hell naw! I'm a girl and I LOVE this game. LOVE. I don't even play video games, so I could really give less than a damn about them, but this one is awesome 😀

    Just go, play, and enjoy!

  4. LindaKaeSings

    I just wanted to know, is this game mainly just for men? because a male friend recommended it to me while we were hanging and kinda forced me to buy it. It looks really cool, just wanted to know if you have to be male to enjoy it.

  5. ColdRiceBall

    @EmoBaby47 It's really not that scary. Heck, it's a blast! I'd highly reccomend it! (that is if you don't mind getting frustrated… Some of the puzzles are HORRIBLE!)
    Also, there really isn't any nudity. other than an F-word here and there, it's really pretty clean.

  6. MoreNLess

    @ihaveclaws Yup, I bought the game about 3 days ago. The story is actually really really great, and tends to really pull you into the game. Also some puzzles can get a bit difficult and build up a bit frustration, but that's what helps you develop skill in the game. Personally I say it's worth the buy, especially for the story.


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