Broke Straight Boys TV Show Leaked Trailer

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Catch a sneak peek into the world of gay porn. The Straight Boys Reality TV Show is here! Prepare yourself for one of the most unique series ever made for television. Its polarizing content and its visceral effect on viewers is undeniable. Without apology, this series provides an uncensored look into the lives of people who make porn… and more specifically, straight men who do gay porn and the multi-million dollar company that provides the platform.
Though no explicit gay porn is shown in the series, the mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes Broke Straight Boys a true character study, bringing the viewer into a world they may not have known existed and will surely never forget.
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16 Responses

  1. galen stone

    MmHmm.. A Ho is a Ho. Romantic feelings have nothing to do with this (although if your dick gets hard for a man then you are not 100% straight.)

  2. alicevana

    I think straight dudes are gross….kind of don't want to know a guy I am watching in porn really wants to be prancing around with a girl

  3. Colorful Kent

    I don't get the appeal at all.  I must be too comfortable with my sexuality to worship retarded straight boys.  I don't hate them and want to see them get fucked either.   I understand that some guys who are emotionally attracted to women (Thus the straight label). but if you enjoy sex with men, then you are bisexual.  Own the label.  If they aren't and it's "acting".  Then I would feel used.  Why do gay guys hate other gays so much?  Why do we not find ourselves attractive.  There are masculine gay guys.  These guys have big egos and gay men fuel them.  They think they are the stars of the industry.  They won't call themselves gay, but will call themselves gay pornstars.  Honey, you are performers in all male porn, you aren't gay pornstars. Mainstream actors in gay films aren't called gay actors unless they are gay.

  4. William Drewe

    were they really giving him a hard time because he is not attracted to someone outside his race  , and that makes him racist ?? Sorry guys , i think he is in the majority when it comes to that . You cannot base whether someone is racist based on who he is attracted sexually too . You have no control over that ,, it is like saying it is wrong to not be attracted sexually to fat girls , some are very attracted to them , while most are not , sorry … Some cannot find attraction to thin girls , and only like heavy girls or guys ,  what does that make them ? Some gay guys are only attracted to older men over 50 and into their 60's , what about them ? Sex attraction comes in many different colors , shapes , and sizes , and no one should be held accountable to whom they are attracted to , unless of course it is a child , then it is into mental disorders and criminal .. HE has the right to be himself and he cannot help who he is attracted to or what ,,, and does not make him racist because of it .


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