Bravetown TRAILER 1 (2015) – Laura Dern, Lucas Till Movie HD

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Bravetown TRAILER 1 (2015) – Laura Dern, Lucas Till Movie HD

Josh is a lost soul with an extraordinary musical talent set on a journey to encounter what he was least expecting but undoubtedly needed most. Feeling like it’s him against the world at first, his path is crossed by many people looking for their own fate, that in the end, his presence in their lives turns out to be of extraordinary importance.

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17 Responses

  1. Cecilie Elvira

    I feel like i've seen this movie before..
    Protagonist is a brat and is therefore shipped of this his father who abandoned him when he was a kid, for reasons unknown, and is now living out in nowhere.
    Protagonist starts in a new school, where he instantly becomes friends with his main love interest's geeky little brother – and oh, she of course also has this guy (who is probably on some sort of sports team) who acts as if he owns her even though, she's made it clear to him, many times, that she is in no way interested in him anymore.
    And the protagonist is of course extremely handsome, but is still being bullied, because you know.. why not


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