Blood Ties Original Promo

If you love Blood Ties and other TV shows that have not been given a fair chance by TV networks and have been ripped away from us far too soon, please go here: and let them know what you think! Thank you!

So, I was hunting around online for Blood Ties stuff, and happened upon this promo that I personally haven’t seen anywhere else (not saying it’s not available elsewhere, I just haven’t found it myself if it is!) Anyway, I downloaded it and thought I would upload it here for other BT fans!

Please, if there is a problem with me uploading this here, then please tell me politely and I will willingly take it down…much kinder to be friendly and polite than threaten people! Thanks!


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20 Responses

  1. Becky Brett

    Yeah, the book series was published well before Supernatural was aired, and before TVD books were written as well.
    But they're all really great in their own ways and I def have fave episodes from all three shows. :)

  2. Sonora0Redwing

    Google the author Tanya Huff, the Blood Ties is actually based on the Blood Series book Blood Price. There are 6 books in the series and they are a great read. I don't know how close Blood Ties are to the novels since I just found out about the TV Show, but if you want to get the whole adventure of Vickie and Henry I recommend reading the books.

  3. hahs4

    This show is a beautiful combination of supernatural, TVD and CSI. I watch the vampire diaries and his show is just as good if not even better. The characters deserve a better ending and we need to know Vicki's final choice


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