Big Love: In the Beginning (Episode One: Post-Partum)

HBO webisode. Set 5 years prior to season one — shows Nicki worrying about her place in the family after giving birth to son Wayne.

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  1. katrinalisa2002

    Nikki seems so young here..although since Wayne is her first son and she married Bill at 18 it's possible she's only 19-20.

  2. LadyArdent

    The thing is Nicki's concern was right – Barb and Bill both married her to have children – and when she fought back she was treated like an outcast for it – before they knew she was on birth control they were taking her off to the doctor to get checked, when they found out she was discarded only the fact that she had a terrible secret / reason did they take her back. Whereas Margie who was married for lust was allowed to stop having kids – Bill even says as much. Nicki really was used.

  3. Megan A

    For everyone's info: I'm a Mormon, and I say this on behalf of my church: Originally, very early on in our faith, some members of the church did practice polygamy. But this practice was banned in 1890. Groups have broken away from the church over the years-some of these sects of the faith do practice polygamy, such as those on this series. But they are not Mormons and are not affiliated with the church; in fact, if a Mormon today was found to be practicing polygamy, they would immediately be ex

  4. californication751

    Even back then, Nikki was such a pain lol I loved the entire series, but she made me cringe every. single. episode. I couldn't stand her or the judgemental, big-headed self-righteousness, nor the default setting she's got that makes her forget about the copious amount of lies and transgressions on her own conscience. She just rubbed me the wrong way every episode.

    That said, the actress playing her did a superb job lol She really embodied that character. I doubt anyone could play her better.

  5. MsMercury

    @Bossk333 I loved this show when it first came on. I didn't like seasons 4 and 5 and I really hate how they ended it.

  6. crackedbuddha

    @Bossk333 It didn't jump several years. It jumped eleven months, I believe, or just over a year after Bill's death.