Battlefield 4 Movie!: Christmas Special – THE FINAL STAND!

This is an epic Battlefield 4 movie, featuring prototype Russian spaceships, bad ass snowmobiles, an over-powered rail gun and the legendary Phantom bow!

This is also the last Battlefield 4 video I will be uploading ever, so let’s reach 60 LIKES!

Thank you all for your awesome support!

And a massive thanks to Mr Troller who helped me out for 5 hours to film this movie, please subscribe to him!

And another massive thanks to John the voice actor, who with the help of a lot of editing; now sounds like that guy who does movie trailers!

– All music is royalty-free and from the Freedom Network, no copyright is intended !


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19 Responses

  1. YO!Fongo

    AMAZING. That's all I can say really….that was just an epic video and must have took ages to make wow bro you are great

  2. Albani310

    Hahaha funny video buddy! Do you play on pc because on ps4 there is no free mode camera as far as I know. Anyway the railgun (1:28) was badass haha!!


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