Archer – Season 4 Trailer

Archer – Season 4 Trailer

Archer – Season 4
FX steps into the animation arena with this comedy series about an international spy agency called ISIS.

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24 Responses

  1. MantraCore Bunny

    Asia for the Asians

    Africa for the Africans

    White countries for everyone! >:D

    Check out Anti-Racist Hitler and How Whites took over America part 2 on youtube!

  2. Jacob Vasquez

    I just missed the first episode I thought it was coming on at 10:00 damnit :(…….well time to download it illegally haha

  3. Jurrasic Park

    Mmmm, I dunno. I like a little meat on the bone myself. 😉 Besides, ARCHER IS BACK….TONIGHT!!! I don't get nerdy about teevee shows much, but Archer….best shit on teevee by a long shot.

  4. Jurrasic Park

    Hey, I am not saying that she's not badass, she totally is and is my favourite character on the show!

    However, I want her to stay that way. If they keep giving her new plot-related superpowers, it might well whiplash back onto her in the fandom is my fear.