A Bit of TV Shows | 2015 (first seasons)

A look into TV shows currently on their first seasons that I have been loving so far in 2015.

Let me know down below any shows that I should be watching that are currently on their first season.
I do not own the TV trailers. Rights are reserved to and I give my extreme thanks to their creators:
ABC, The CW, Fox, Netflix, Marvel Television and DC Entertainment.
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6 Responses

  1. Chuck Chucker

    Jesus christ, your explanation of the "themes" of agent carter are delusional to the point of clinical insanity. You turned a show based off a fucking comic book, set in an alternative 1940's timeline, about people who wear fluorescent tights and battle a man who's face is literally a red coloured skull, and somehow projected it as the eternal female struggle. But hey, what can I say, you're obviously a strong independent womyn who don't need no man, and is obviously living off her own dream world.

  2. Fabamf

    DC is only darker and gloomier in their film and TV universes 😉 but all very accurate reviews and comments. Great video!

  3. kudjeffrey

    I could really find myself in the part were you talked about sense 8. I really liked watching Daredevil too.

    You also asked about which series your viewers would recommend. I would like to recommend you Breaking Bad. At first it is a bit hard to get trough but after the first two seasons it's awsome! I know some people were realy negative about Better Call Saul. But like Breaking Bad, I really liked it too.

  4. TunezCottage

    The Flash was pretty great, casting for season 2 looks great!

    – DC is the best –

    Daredevil was incredible, I certainly hope that Marvel's tv series side receives more respect from the movie side of things because as of right now it seems frowned upon; some of the actors don't even know what the shows are doing which seems counter-productive.

    Sense8 seems really nice, been meaning to get to it but had you seen my list of tv shows it'd probably blow your mind 😛
    Another show I would love to get to is Mr. Robot! I'll have to take that after I finish my current binge of The Wire and Sopranos.


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