5 new Turkish dramas for 2014-2015 season

5 big tv broadcasting networks have 5 challenging tv series:
1) Kosem Sultan (Star Tv)
2) Poyraz Karayel (Kanal D)
3) Three Friends (Uc Arkadas) (ATV)
4) 1 Woman 1 Man and 1 Baby (1 Kadin 1 Erkek 1 Cocuk) (Fox Tv)
5) The Revenge of the Snakes (Yilanlarin Ocu) (Show Tv)

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  1. iddqds

    i would love to translate turkish dramas but it takes ages to finish a single episode. it has to be a paid job otherwise no need kill braincells for it. i have once tried to translate the first 6 minutes of PARAMPARCA (Shattered) and that took a good 1 hour. it's a royal pain.


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