10 TV Shows Cancelled After One Episode

Top 10 TV Series That Got Their Plug Pulled Before Episode 2!
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Some television programs are lucky enough to have long runs on the air and become part of the pop culture zeitgeist. Others aren’t so lucky. The really unfortunate are those that come to our homes full of hope and promise, but don’t even make it to multiple episodes. Here are Screen Rant’s 10 TV shows cancelled after one episode.

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

Heil Honey, I’m Home | 0:23
Osbournes Reloaded | 0:53
Dot Comedy | 1:23
Emily’s Reasons Why Not | 1:55
Quarterlife | 2:24
Secret Talents of the Stars | 2:59
Co-Ed Fever | 3:25
Breaking Boston | 4:00
The Rich List | 4:32
Ford Nation | 5:02

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20 Responses

  1. Terrible Katherine

    Well, there are and were lots of tv shows that need or needed to be cancelled.. I just can't find any justification for e.g. Arrow, Lost or Gilmore Girls.. not to talk about MTV- (s)hits like Awkward or Faking It.. Wow, I just threw up in my mouth a bit..

  2. Ionlymadethistoleavecoments

    anyone remember the reality show "Unanimous" where a bunch of people were kept in solitary in an underground bunker in the desert and every week they would have a topic and if it wasnt a unanimous decision they would stay there another week?

  3. tdrewman

    I remember back in 88 they aired a pilot call Remo Williams: The Prophecy, it was as spin off from the movie Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. Wish they would have given it a season.

  4. David Smith

    Back in the 80s, there was a tv pilot called Young Guy Christian. It was like Police Squad, only it was about a pretty – boy spy, obsessed with his looks and clothes, with a lot of post- 70s disco references. Sadly, the network didn't have the foresight to buy it, considering all the sitcom junk on tv at the time that had less imagination.

  5. Sophisticated Sassy

    I remember ABC had a show called "Day Break" starring Taye Diggs.He woke up every day living the exact same day, yet he could not stay awake past 12 midnight to see if he could see a new day. That show was super good and addiciting. It only lasted like 4 episodes. I don't know why.

  6. Timmy Tonka

    Sometimes, I see failed pilots and wonder how they failed to continue while other shows didn't, but after seeing the popularity of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad*, I realised that no matter if you think a show is terrible or amazing, it only matters if enough people have similar opinions
    *Disclaimer: I know that it's a well-produced show, but it was agony, trying to get into that show (for me, personally, having watched the entire first season). Don't tell me to go back and watch more, my opinion WILL NOT change


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